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The Boss

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The Boss

I dotted this picture for a friend who loves Bruce Springsteen more than me.   It does feel nice to just give freely for the sake of giving. 

I have religiously listened to Bruce my whole life, while this picture quietly tortured me for over a year.   If I am such a fan - Why?


Well, first you try dotting a leather jacket as light falls over its intricate folds, it's maddening.  Secondly, it’s just a time-consuming copy of a black and white photograph of his Broadway show.  Thus, making me the slowest human photocopier on earth, I struggled with the activity.     So yea no creativity in it really.  But a couple of reflections did bubble up I would like to share. 

When I dotted the picture one song that I did listen to over and over again was “Born to Run”.   It has always been one of my all-time favourites.   I just love it when Bruce screams out “Remember in the end nobody wins unless everybody wins” The values embedded in that statement really resonated with me, there seems to be an ultimate truth in the statement particularly this time in human history.  

I think we exist in a time and context where …everyone winning is difficult.  The world is bubbling and boiling with complexity and driving change.  The pandemic, global warming, weather events, ubiquitous technology, rogue political leaders, and the growing equality have made having a functional society the most difficult thing to achieve.  Particularly when its citizens scream with divergent belief systems and answers on social media.     

Bruce’s sentiment does make me ask that question what my contribution so that …everyone wins.   Or is it just another delusional idealism for do-gooders?  

I have concluded winning (aka citizens feeling part of, contributing and having purpose and meaning) is central to a functional society.  In some ways, careers works do make a significant contribution to a functional society.   Giving the individual or group that opportunity to consider what does winning mean for them and how can they achieve that is so important – when people must navigate such a complex world.  

Anyway, the picture is done, dotted, and given.  But I do want to announce the importance of career work to a functional society.  This is not idealism, hope and aspiration are important to well-being.  There is enough international evidence to support that statement.   I really do hope that funders get that, particularly for those who are the most marginalised.  I believe it is central and requires sustainable funding in the long term as New Zealand and its citizens will continue to readjust and find new paths in this sea of change.   Careers is an individual and public good.

I am now keen to focus on projects where I can put my creative spin on things.   But I will always consider how I can make a contribution.  I would also like to acknowledge my fellow career practitioners who work around the country in assisting others, so everyone wins.   It’s a big challenge but such a noble cause to be associated with.

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