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Looking for my pens, pencils and rubber.  If you want more information about me just hover over the picture.  Hover feature only works on desk and laptop


I live in beautiful Whangarei, New Zealand.   I am so lucky to live under Parihaka, which is a hill that is the foci of the city's design.  It has a rich cultural heritage and spiritual meaning for many.   

I have three wonderful daughters and an awesome wife who keeps me honest and inspired.  I am the luckiest man alive in forging a life with Nik.  

My day job is a career advisor which I find really rewarding.  To help and support others on their life journey is honourable work.

As an artist drawing, stippling, and scribbling takes me to my happy place.  At this time in my life being creative is to be my best and truest self.


If and when appropriate I like to put a twist into my art - so I can tell a deeper more philosophical story about life and reality. I am even happier if I can introduce some humour. What I like about stippling is that it has a way that engages the viewer as an active participant in the work.  

If you would like to commission a piece of work - may it be a wedding photo, a picture of a celebrity, loved one, a special pet or nature all I need is a photo.   I can draw and stipple most things.  Please contact me and let's discuss.   


I am also interested in collaborating with other artists may it be photographers, story writers and others who want an illustration with a twist.

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