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Surprise surprise

Surpise surprise

 I am not obsessed with myself but I only 'play around' or 'twist' with my own image out of respect for others.

I have always had a strong interest in illusion art.   I have always sought meaning but ultimately thinking what is reality really?  For me, reality and the act of 'living a good life' have been a slippery bar of soap.   


In life, I have have had moments where I have thought 'yea I have got it - I'm sorted now' 'I know what life is all about now - watch out world!'.  Only to reminded the next day when I trip and tumble with an event, experience or outcome that  I didn't expect.   Ultimately realising I know so little about life, who I am and all the other variables that shape and impact our experiences of living.   


This is a wonderful thing, as there are growing opportunities everywhere - to be more than you are.   I encourage everyone to have a sense of wonder be curious and be adventurous. 


Life is often not easy but love it where you can and be open and celebrate those surprise surprise moments.   You are living in a lava lamp of change that defines and redefines who you are every day.  

In the future, I want to do more and more of this type of work and build it around some of my core beliefs and philosophies in the hope that others have some affinity.

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