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My Elephant

My Elephant

Have you ever had one of those years where you have tried your absolute best to make a positive difference in the world and the storming elephant has just marched through your grand parade?   

Welcome to my 2019 and the motivation behind my picture.


This has been the year I have been reminded that I can only control my actions, beliefs and attitudes and that there are far bigger and unexpected things at play that have impacted the trajectory of my life. 


Often there are massive things that storm through and dust us up and destroy the outcomes and results that we want to achieve.

So what are the lessons?   That there is fate? That we are part of a far bigger universe?   That ultimately it is not about the outcome per se but our intentions and the journey?  That ego is ultimately unhelpful.

It has been a rough year in some ways but I am still smiling and feel the wiser for it. 


For those who have had a tough year, I encourage you to stay philosophical - there will always be larger things at play.    We all have our elephants who don't overly care about what noble things we are trying to achieve. 


All we can do is stay true to our values and try and live a good virtuous life.   Always holding onto a sense of wonder at the elephants that stomp through our lives and the lessons those elephants teach us about ourselves.  What does not kill me makes me wiser.   

Merry Christmas 2019

If you're on a PC, Laptop or Tablet hover over the picture to read the back story.  If on mobile you can view the picture and may not get the back story   

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