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Paddy is my aunty on my father's side.   She was a wonderful artist, writer, poet and person.   


Throughout my life, I have visited her and her family in Wellington.   It was always a treat as she was flamboyant and colourful with a wonderful turn of phrase.  The visits were always fun and I loved her artist ways. 


I remember going into her house and where ever you looked there was art in progress.   She was always curious and encouraging with my art.

This picture was inspired by a mobile photo of the whole whanau.  Once I returned home I looked at the photo and thought wouldn't it be a treat for the artist to stipple the artist.   The pattern is about the flow of time.  It was such a pleasure to do this picture and give it to her.

Paddy Fry.JPG

If you're on a PC, Laptop or Tablet hover over the picture to read the back story.  If on mobile you can view the picture and may not get the back story   

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