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Time Left

Time Left


Time left has got some existential angst going on.   The overall message is life is short don't waste it and don't have regrets

Mum said to me, when I was in my twenties, "life is short" Did I lisiten...Na.  When your young you can feel bulletproof and the world is yours to explore.   And maybe that is the way it should be.   But when you get older you realise life is such a sensory, emotion and experience-rich gift.   So it's about living with no regrets


Now I view life as a game of rugby and hey folks I am well into the second half. Am I winning? And I am doing what I need to be doing? am I contributing enough in others lives? what is truly important?  How do I want to play the rest of the game?


So many questions and not enough answers..and no one really knows when the final whistle will be blown and it's all over.

So yea for me this picture is a reminder that time is ticking...and I am encouraging everyone to make each dot count.

For more about the picture go to backstory

If you're on a PC, Laptop or Tablet hover over the picture to read the back story.  If on mobile you can view the picture and may not get the back story   

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